Steve Reich, Music for Eighteen Musicains

One of my main interests as a musican is discovering new music, I loved listening to 20th Century Composers. This stems from my college days and more recently at University. I found this piece on You Tube from  Steve Reich. This piece somes up his compositional style as a composer and love listening to some of his work. He is one of the pionners of minimalistic music.


What am I up to ? – Summer 2015

I thought I’d give you an update of what has happened to me during the past few months and what is going to happen in the next few months. During the past few months music wise it has been quite, in a way that has been a blessing in disguise. As it has given me a chance to re-charge my batteries. I am pleased to announce that I will be doing a lot more live work. I have been playing with a function band called Soulvation for the past few years as a session musician. I am pleased to announce that I will be working with them on a full time basis. I start gigging with them in August 2015. Watch out for dates on my website. As I have said many time before I love playing to a live audience. I can’t wait to be out there again playing.

Yes I know it’s still only Summer, but Panto is just around the corner. I do know what we are doing but I have have to keep quite until the official announcement has been made this month. Watch this space for more info.

I am going to get some more rehearsal in before I hit the road in August. I hope you all have a great summer and will post in a few months.

Speak soon


What does Contemporary Music mean to you ?

When I was studying for my GCSE Music as a young naïve 13 year old. My music teacher asked me to do some re search into “what do think 20th Century Music is ?” 

Obviously at the time I hadn’t a clue and came back with the following answer.

“20th century music is music produced in the modern era, with genres of all types. Ranging from Opera to Popular music”

Well I was partly right but at the time I didn’t know what he was getting at. This is where my introduction to the world of 20th century music began. 

Sadly at GCSE level it doesn’t go into enough depth, as we only get a broad spectrum of all types of music. I don’t think at this age young adults cannot get to grips with this type of music. We need to engage young people more on the creative process of composing this type of music. I know composers are trying to do this at the moment. 

It would also help broaden composers compositional skills. 

What are your thoughts ?

2015 so far…..

I have not written on my site for a while, so thought it only fair to give you an update what I have been up too.

Just before the New Year I was busy doing Panto with PADOS and did a few gigs with Soulvation and Junction 31. It was great to be playing live. Nothing beats playing in a live situation.

This year I was lucky enough to attend the NODA Noth West Region Awards Night at the Palace Hotel in Manchester. Both off the societies where I was Musical Director was nominated for Best Panto! PADOS for “Crock of Gold” and Urmston Musical Theatre for “Snow White” I was very proud of both societies, sadly we never won anything. But it’s the taking part that counts.

I will be working with both these societies again this year. Urmston in October for “A Night At The Musicals 2” then PADOS in December for Panto. Watch this space for details.

In March I will be playing for The Operetta Company again as Keyboard Player. I love playing for these shows and get too experience the wonderful melodies of yesteryear. I also get to play with the talented Orchestra that we have. The sound we produce gets better and better each year. We are doing “Summer Song” If you can get down we would love to see you. (4th to 7th March)

I start rehearsals for the Urmston show in March, so I am going to be very busy.

I was hoping to do more gigging with a few function bands this year, but sadly this has not worked out. If any one requires a hard working keyboard player. Give me a shout!

Speak to you all soon!