What does Contemporary Music mean to you ?

When I was studying for my GCSE Music as a young naïve 13 year old. My music teacher asked me to do some re search into “what do think 20th Century Music is ?” 

Obviously at the time I hadn’t a clue and came back with the following answer.

“20th century music is music produced in the modern era, with genres of all types. Ranging from Opera to Popular music”

Well I was partly right but at the time I didn’t know what he was getting at. This is where my introduction to the world of 20th century music began. 

Sadly at GCSE level it doesn’t go into enough depth, as we only get a broad spectrum of all types of music. I don’t think at this age young adults cannot get to grips with this type of music. We need to engage young people more on the creative process of composing this type of music. I know composers are trying to do this at the moment. 

It would also help broaden composers compositional skills. 

What are your thoughts ?

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