What’s happened to live music in Performance ?

Ever since a child music has been an important part of my life, and still is. When growing up live music was such an important aspect of my life. I come from a family of music performers. I guess my playing genes are from my grandfather. He was a pianist like my self. Not a great performer but knew how to bash out a tune.
Whilst at school we always had visiting conpanys who would perform plays and live music. We would also visit Orchestras. I was in awe of their talent. I even had the opportunity to perform on the Free Trade Hall stage when I was fifteen. So many great artist had played on that stage. I watched a number of concerts by the Halle Orchestra. It was great to hear live music.
Sadly over the years the the internet has taken over the music industry. Any piece of music can be downloaded from the net, with the click of a button.
This may have led to a decline in people going to watch a live performance.
This has led to some performance spaces such as theatres and similar venues not using live music. They would rather use backing tracks or pre- recorded music,this creates less work for live musicians. The sad thing is that people would rather hear a live band or orchestra.
There has been a recent campaign with the Musicians Union to help keep music live and musicains being paid fairly.
What has your experiences as a musician been like ?
Do you agree or disagree with this article, I’d love to hear your views or comments.
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