Moving in a new direction.

Things have been moving very fast lately in the music world. As I said in an early post the first 3 months were very busy doing shows. I’ve been having a little rest trying to catch up on things and concentrating on other projects. I was due to be composing a piece for the Aberystwyth Musicfest I have decided to defer this until next year. Looking ahead I am going to be composing a piece for Contemporary Music for All this summer. The piece is called “Natural World” I am looking forward to seeing which instruments I am composing for. This is a new challenge for me as I have been used to performing as to composing. I have been doing a lot of research into composition on the internet and been recommend a book by a good friend of mine.

I have written a few pieces already but would like to learn more. I would be interested to know. How do you go about writing music. How do you go about things ? people have different ways of working. I will keep you updated with more news very soon.