2012 has begun !

As the distant jingle jangle of Christmas and the bells of New Year have passed it’s back to work for us musicians. This also brings with it a little update to my blog for 2012. As you may have noticed over the past few months the layout of the blog has changed alot. This is due to getting used to WordPress,it’s a brilliant site and free to use. That’s if you don’t want to updated to the Pro version. It has suited me well over the past few months.
Well what’s in store for the first part of 2012 ? As per usual I am very busy. This consists of 3 Panto’s and an Opera which will take me up to March. This includes rehearsal and doing my day job as well. It doesn’t sound to bad as I am only Musical Directing one of them. I will be glad of a little break in March. Then I have nothing until June. Then very busy up until Christmas again.
I am looking at doing some composing this year. I have already started working on a few pieces already. I am now on Soundcloud and will be adding more pieces over time. For those of you that missed my Christmas composition thats on there to. It’s a great way of getting your music heard.
That’s all for now. All that remains for me to say is “Happy New Year to all my readers” Hope you have a great musical year.

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