BBC Proms 2011 at the Royal Albert Hall

  One of the most wonderful thing a musician can experience in their life time is a visit to the BBC Proms at the Albert Halls in London. I was in London this week doing a course so decided to catch a Prom Concert. One of the brilliant things about the Proms is that all the concerts are accessible to all. No matter what your budget or background is. So if your a musician and like to listen to Classical/Contemporary music this is the place to be.

Now your probably thinking “I can’t afford to go to the proms” Well tickets are on sale for £5. No where is the UK can you get a ticket to watch world class musician’s for a fiver. I feel as a musician it is important to listen to different types of music to develop yourself. So what was I going to watch? This programe was:

Beethoven- Symphony No.4 in Bb Major

Saint Saens – Piano Concerto No.5 in F major

Liszt – Dante Symphomy

The hall was very full the night I went. Another reason why I went was to listen to Stephen Hough play Saint Ssens Piano Concerto. He is one of the UK’s amazing talent musicians. I have only come across him this year. His fingers flew through this Concerto. What impressed me even more is his ability to change the sound of the piano. In the second movement he reproduces the sound of a Cimbalom.

The other piece that impressed me was Liszt – Dante Symphony. Only 40 minutes long in 2 movement. What I wasn’t expecting was the second movement. Having looked at the Orchestra performing on stage all night I wasn’t expecting the next thing to happen. All of a sudden we hear voices coming out of no where. Sounding very angelic. People were looking around me as I was thinking where’s that coming from. It was one of the best experiences I’ve had listening to a piece of live music in a long time. It was also a pleasure listening to the BBC Philharmonic. Where can you get to listen to live music for £5 like this ?

It’s a shame other city’s don’t follow London and have there own Proms or something similar.